Customized trade fair stands

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What are Self Build display stands?

Self-build exhibition stands are perfect if you are looking to save on setup costs or simply want to have total control of your stand yourself. Plus Exhibition provides the modular display and lots of training to get you started, so you're free to set up your exhibit whenever and wherever you want.

To self-build, start by consulting the Plus Exhibition team. We help you design the graphics and layout, then present you with a versatile modular display. You can then transport the lightweight display elements yourself and configure them as you like.

What are the advantages of self-built stands?

Self-built exhibition stands has two main advantages – freedom of travel and financial savings. You enjoy greater freedom to advertise as you please when you can create your own versatile modular display system wherever and whenever you want. There is no worry as to whether there will be a capable team available to configure your display. You are the master of your own show! You can set up anywhere in the world at any time you like.

How about saving money? For reference, most stand setups cost around £5,000. If you do four shows a year, that's £20,000 a year. Choose one of our self-build exhibition stands , however, and you'll save your business thousands of pounds!

If you are interested in one of our exhibition stands, contact Plus Exhibition today.

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I want to attract more visitors to my stand!

Setting up your own self-built exhibition stand means you will have control over how the end result turns out. No one knows your business or product like you do. Your display setup helps you get the attention your business or cause deserves. Self build also allows you to make the most of your time, as you can set up and break down your display when it's convenient for you. Customized exhibition stands don't have to be expensive to attract visitors. Discover all kinds of convenient and convenient display options by contacting Plus Exhibition.

I want to reuse the same stand in different spaces to save money.

The beauty of our display stands is that you can use them over and over again. Once you have one, you probably won't need to buy another. You can continue to use your display in different locations and have the same powerful impact on your target audience. If you need to expand or change your display over time, it's easy. Plus Exhibition will help you expand or reduce the layout and size of your stand to suit your needs.

I need my stand to pack easily, take up minimal space, and be cheap to ship.

Luckily, we anticipated this problem and found an efficient solution. Our display elements are extraordinarily lightweight. You can easily lift them into separate pieces without the need for heavy machinery. The display pieces take up very little space, so they are convenient to ship from one place to another. Not able to transport your exhibit yourself? Don't worry! Plus Exhibition offers great deals on shipping services that deliver to your exhibition venue.