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Customized trade fair stands represent the pinnacle of individuality and effectiveness in the field of commercial exhibitions . These stands are designed and built to perfectly fit a company's specific needs, reflecting its brand, objectives and message in a unique way. Thanks to custom design , bespoke stands can maximize visual impact and functionality, creating an engaging and memorable space for visitors. However, this level of customization usually comes at a higher cost than prefabricated or rented booths. However, investing in a bespoke exhibition stand can offer a significant competitive advantage, as it captures the public's attention in a unique way and reflects the company's commitment to excellence. With careful design and high-quality construction, bespoke stands represent a strategic choice for companies looking to stand out and achieve their goals at trade shows and tradeshow events .

  • Advice

    The process begins with a free consultation where we learn about your company and its brand and understand what you are looking for. A quick 10 minute phone call is all it takes to start bringing your project to life.

  • Drawing

    Once we understand your goals and the type of event you will be attending, we will provide you with a free 3D render. One of our exhibition stand designers will guide you through our proposal and make any changes you see fit at no cost to you.

  • Construction

    Your bespoke stand will be fully managed by your personal project manager. We will deliver, set up, dismantle and even store your stand for you to use at future trade shows. If you need any changes to size, design or construction for the future, please let us know and we will have them ready for next time.

  • Start

    It's show time! Relax and enjoy the event, knowing that your bespoke stand will attract new customers and leads. In no time you will see the return on your investment.


What are customized exhibition stands?

Customized exhibition stands are unique solutions tailored specifically to a company's needs for trade shows and trade fair events. These stands are custom designed and built, taking into account the client's size, branding, marketing objectives and corporate identity. Unlike prefabricated booths or rentals, custom booths offer an unparalleled opportunity to create a dramatic impact and stand out from the competition. They can feature innovative designs, unique architectural elements, high-quality materials and advanced technologies to engage audiences in a memorable way. Customized exhibition stands are often an ideal choice for companies looking to communicate a distinctive message and build a strong brand image at trade shows, as they allow you to transform the company vision into a physical, tangible reality that attracts attention and creates an emotional connection with visitors. Although they require a larger investment than other options, custom booths offer a significant return on investment in terms of visibility and trade show success.


Why choose a custom-made stand?

Choosing a tailor-made exhibition stand offers numerous advantages that can make the difference in a highly competitive exhibition environment . First of all, a tailor-made stand allows you to express the company's identity and brand in a unique way. The ability to customize every aspect of the design, from colors to materials, allows you to create a stand that faithfully reflects the company culture and values, thus helping to consolidate the brand image.

Additionally, a custom-made stand is designed to maximize the use of available space. Prefabricated or rented booths often have limitations in terms of layout and arrangement of elements, while a custom booth can be optimized to meet the specific needs of the product or service displayed.

Customization goes hand in hand with innovation. Bespoke stands can integrate advanced technologies, such as interactive displays, which capture the audience's attention and provide an engaging and memorable experience.

Finally, a custom-made booth can offer a significant long-term return on investment. Since it is designed to be reused at many trade shows and events over time, it can represent a cost-effective solution compared to building new stands for each occasion.

In summary, choosing a tailor-made stand allows companies to differentiate themselves, communicate effectively and maximize the impact at trade shows and trade fair events. It is a strategic choice that can lead to long-lasting successful results.

A unique booth will ensure that people notice you. We take the time to understand your company, your concepts, your goals and your brand, and this will be reflected in your booth. Plus, being different from other booths will make it stand out and attract more customers.

Our bespoke exhibition stands are also built to the best standards, ensuring they are robust, reliable and won't let you down.

  • What features can custom mounts include?

    Bespoke exhibition stands can include a wide range of options, from simple exhibition stands to much more complex designs. They can be any size and can incorporate any functionality including LED video walls, furniture, AV equipment or even a virtual reality package. No matter how complex the design, we make the process simple.

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  • How much do custom-made stands cost?

    The cost of a custom-made stand will depend on various factors and depends on the configuration. However, we always try to keep costs down. We also offer a rental service , which can be a cheaper option for one-off events.

    Whichever option you choose, you'll always know exactly how much it will cost up front, so there are never any nasty surprises.