"Creative and Eco-Sustainable Solutions for Installations"

Our expertise is focused on offering eco-friendly options for sustainable events. Through the use of cardboard, a natural resource par excellence, and our mastery of manufacturing techniques, we are able to provide solutions for cutting-edge setups that minimize the ecological footprint. We are committed to maintaining high quality standards, with products proudly 100% Made in Italy, demonstrating that innovation can go hand in hand with respect for the environment.

"Sustainable Design: Eco-Friendly Furniture for Exclusive Events"

To stand out effectively at a trade fair, it is crucial to capture the eye, shine in your appearance and stand out from the crowd. MAX3 SRL offers you the possibility of achieving these goals through a unique and cutting-edge design, with stands entirely made of cardboard (including walls, dividers, custom-made displays , furniture and seats). Cardboard allows us to create bold, aesthetically pleasing and original furnishing solutions : elements that capture attention at competitive costs. Each piece can be customized to your liking , with the addition of colors, logos and images via digital printing techniques applied directly to the cardboard.

Eco-Responsible Events: Reducing the Ecological Footprint of Events

Agility, efficiency and practicality: here are the three pillars that make cardboard stands the ideal choice. It benefits from easy and compact transport (for optimized logistics that reduces effort and emissions), a rapid assembly process and an intuitive construction (so simple that, in most cases, it is possible to proceed independently without the aid of specialized technicians). Opting for a cardboard setup not only frees up your design creativity, but also allows you to cut assembly times by up to 80% , guaranteeing significant savings in time and resources.

"Eco-Friendly and Recyclable Exhibition Stands"

Opting for a cardboard stand represents first and foremost a commitment to sustainability and environmental ethics . The structures and furniture, designed to be easily dismantled and stored in a small space, can be reused on multiple occasions . Each element is made exclusively with natural, recycled and recyclable materials , ensuring eco-friendly and easy management at the end of their life cycle.

  • We design... and

    We accompany our clients from the early stages of conceiving the exhibition space, placing a targeted focus on their display and visual identity needs . Through the use of high definition digital graphics, we will collaborate to give shape to the concept of your exhibition, quickly identifying the most impactful strategies.

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  • We create your exhibition space

    We offer a complete "turnkey" service, taking care of the setup and dismantling of the stand , and also offering a storage service to facilitate its reuse, with the necessary customizations, in future events. This allows for a significant reduction in costs.