Major Renewable Energy Trade Shows in Italy and Abroad

Renewable energy fairs are an unmissable opportunity to stay updated on the latest news and technologies in this field.

The renewable energy sector is constantly growing and represents one of the most important challenges for the future of our planet. It is no coincidence, in fact, that energy transition is being talked about with increasing frequency, even at an institutional and community level.

Sector trade fairs therefore become the ideal place to keep up to date and at the same time show off, helping your company to come into contact with other companies interested in making their business more eco-sustainable .

Here is an overview of the most important fairs dedicated to renewable energy at an Italian, European and global level. Furthermore, if you are interested in participating in one of these events as an exhibitor, we will also give you some practical advice for creating a stand with low environmental impact but... with a great impact on your audience .

Renewable energy trade shows in Italy

In Italy, more and more attention is being paid to the topic of renewable energy, as demonstrated by the number and size of the events that populate the trade fair calendar every year.

Energy Expo (Vicenza)

Biennial fair that focuses on technologies for energy production from renewable sources, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility. It offers a broad overview of the latest industry news and the opportunity to meet the main players in the market.

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Key Energy (Rimini)

Annual fair dedicated to technologies for the production of energy from renewable sources, with particular focus on photovoltaic and wind power. It is the main Italian fair dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency and its offer includes conferences, seminars and workshops on current issues in the sector.

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MCE Exhibition Conference Expocomfort (Milan)

Fair for companies in the HVAC+R, renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. It takes place in Milan every two years and is an unmissable event for anyone working in these sectors.

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Klimahouse (Bolzano)

Klimahouse is a leading international trade fair dedicated to sustainable and energy-efficient construction. It takes place in Bolzano, Italy, every two years and is an unmissable event for architects, engineers, builders and anyone interested in the latest green building technologies.

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SMAU (Milan)

It is not a fair dedicated exclusively to renewable energy. Born as an event dedicated to marketing and advertising, over time the fair has dedicated an area to green technologies and the circular economy, creating an opportunity to present the most innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

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Ecomondo (Rimini)

Ecomondo is a fair that covers various aspects of the green economy and renewable energy is a central component. The event is held every year in Rimini and brings together the main players in the circular economy, renewable energy, waste treatment and environmental remediation.

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Renewable energy trade shows in Europe

The attention given at community level to the development and diffusion of green technologies is at very high levels, in conjunction with the points set by the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. It is not surprising, then, that some of the most important events worldwide are held every year in the Old Continent.

Intersolar Europe (Munich)

The world's leading trade fair dedicated to the photovoltaic industry. It presents the latest technologies and trends in the sector, with a particular focus on the production, storage and use of solar energy. Visitors can participate in conferences, workshops and presentations of new products and technologies.

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WindEurope (Hamburg)

Hamburg is a fair dedicated to wind energy, with a strong focus on technological innovation and solutions for the decarbonisation of the energy system. Technological innovations, market trends and investment opportunities: the program is broad and attracts numerous exhibitors and visitors.

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E-world (Essen)

E-world is an international event dedicated to technologies for electricity and electricity networks. The fair represents a meeting point for industry professionals to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities of the energy market.

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EU PVSEC (Variable Locations)

The European Photovoltaic Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) is a traveling event taking place in various European cities. It is one of the most important global events dedicated to the research, development and marketing of photovoltaics. The structure is that of a highly relevant scientific forum that attracts researchers and professionals from all over the world.

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All-Energy (Aberdeen)

Renewable energy fair dedicated to all sources, from solar to wind, from biomass to hydroelectric. An opportunity to discover the latest solutions for a sustainable energy future.

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Renewable energy trade shows in the world

We conclude our review with the most interesting fairs organized in the rest of the world.

D+ (Anaheim)

Event dedicated to renewable energy, the largest on the North American continent. It brings together the industry's leading manufacturers, suppliers and developers to showcase the latest technologies and solutions for clean energy production.

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The Green Expo (Mexico City)

Fair with a particular focus on the Mexican and Central American market. Here we present investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector in a fast-growing region.

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World Future Energy Summit (Abu Dhabi)

Global summit dedicated to the energy of the future, with the participation of leaders from government, companies and international organizations. On this occasion, a forum is established to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the global energy transition: the conferences are of a high level, with international speakers and a vast exhibition area where companies and institutions present their latest innovations in the field of renewable energy and of sustainability.

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Intersolar India (Gandhinagar)

Indian fair dedicated to the photovoltaic industry, with a particular focus on the Indian and Asian markets.

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Renewable Energy India Expo (New Delhi)

Also in India, Renewable Energy India Expo is one of the most significant events globally for renewable energy. It is held annually in New Delhi and attracts participants from across Asia and the world. The event covers a wide range of technologies, including solar, wind, bioenergy and hydroelectric, with a strong focus on innovations and developments in the Indian market.

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